Lead Designer

Graphite Digital

Leading the creation of a modular Design System for Pfizer to improve user experience internationally.

Some context: We worked with Pfizer and IBM between London and New York, collaborating in workshops to determine how PfizerPro could improve and come up with innovate ideas for the future. Various prototypes were created/tested in multiple countries and the collaboration between teams was deemed successful.

However, big brands within the pharma industry often work slowly due to slow communication and legal processes and we determined that before we go ahead and implement such grand ideas, it would be appropriate to re-shape the core of their digital brand experience internationally.

I had been tasked to lead the design with Pfizer to completely refresh their style and user interface, improve the user experience where possible and create a Design System which would allow for better content management and improve process for implementing new features/components in the future.

There were many times that I wish there were fewer meetings with stakeholders and development teams to ensure it was created exactly as intended, however all of that ground work has made it the success it is today. It is already being used across parts of their digital estate and is beginning to be utilised by lots of their brands enabling them to focus on new innovative ideas in the future.

Current live examples of use;



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